RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced membranes are the most widely used pool liners in the world!

Nowadays, it is the most advantageous system in the market and the one that presents the fewest problems.

Its attractive appearance, reasonable price, fast and easy installation and absolute water-tightness, guaranteed for 10 years, have made it the most widely-used pool waterproofing system in the world.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is the only ideal liner for renovating or lining new pools that guarantees absolute water-tightness and gives beauty to your pool. If you want an attractive pool that will give you no problems, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced liner is the perfect product to achieve this!

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With RENOLIT ALKORPLAN this won’t happen ...!

With RENOLIT ALKORPLAN this won’t happen …!

Minimum maintenance… and very easy to clean!

  • No more raised glass mosaic tiles.

  • No more black joints.

  • No more flaking paintwork.

You deserve the best look in your pool!

New catalogue 2019 available!!

The reinforced liner RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is the only liner for renovating pools with a written guarantee of water-tightness for 10 years, and it requires practically no maintenance. The liner can be installed on any material in half the time required by other systems, regardless of the size and shape of the pool.

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Steel wall pools

Steel wall pools When planning a new inground pool you will have to consider your options since there are several different types of swimming pool construction. Steel wall pools are becoming a popular pool construction method because of its several advantages. These...

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Pool orientation

Pool orientation   In small gardens or backyards, we do not always have the opportunity to choose the location and orientation of our future pool. On the other hand, in many other cases the homeowner can choose among different places in order to build...

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How to clean the pool after winter

How to clean the pool after winter   Spring has finally arrived ! Days start getting longer and temperatures are more pleasant. Warm weather will soon be here.    We look forward to buying sunscreen and to looking for our swimmsuit in the...

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Pool prices in the internet

Pool prices in the internetIf you are desperately searching for pool prices in the internet, please be careful!  Do not trust the low prices that some websites announce. Don’t forget that you will have to live with your pool for many years, many summers,...

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Fluidra’s Olympic-size pools

Fluidra's Olympic-size pools Fluidra is a multinational company dedicated to the pool and wellness sector.  Their mission is to create the perfect pool experience by developing innovative products and services. Though Fluidra’s key market is the domestic...

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Differences between reinforced pool liners

Differences between reinforced pool liners. Not all are the same!   When a product is good there are always copycat businesses coming up. The inevitable happens, but there is no such thing as a free lunch.    That a product looks like another one and...

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RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME Blue FreshNothing is more resistant! Our partner CLEVER PISCINE from Guanzate in the province of Como in Lombardy presents us this beautiful pool. A pool renovation in the sports centre Bluetime Nuoto; a pool of 20m x 8m x 1,35m...

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The green lagoon of Portomaso residential complex

The green lagoon of Portomaso residential complex Portomaso is an exclusive beachfront residential area which covers 128,000 sqm, surrounded by a marina for yachts with 110 berths. A magnificent 1.6 km stretch of sea face.Located in St. Julians on Malta,...

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Beach entry pools

Beach entry pools Discover a new concept for your swimming experience: recreate the beach in your pool.   The world of swimming pools is changing and leading us to new pool concepts such as beach entry pools. Also known as zero entry pools, instead of...

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The view from an infinity pool

The view from an infinity pool The possibilities are endless when we think about building a pool: the shape, the stairs, the colour of the pool liner, the pool deck material, the decoration in the surrounding area, the pool lighting…   In the case of this...

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New Beetle transformed into a hot tub

Once again, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN was present at the Piscine Global Europe, the leading swimming pool and wellnes event, were we could witness the mots innovating tech related to pool lifestyle. At every swimming pool event, you can stumble upon the most curious things....

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How to light your swimming pool

Tips for lighting your pool When the sun is high in the sky, it is very pleasant to have a refreshing dip to escape the heat. But there will also be the occasional night when the heat gets the better of us and we also feel like relaxing in the cool water of our pool....

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How to personalise your pool

Everything you can customise to create the pool of your dreams Your house and your garden. Two spaces where you escape from the outer world, spaces where you can relax and get away from work and the stressful society surrounding us. A space where you can have a rest...

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RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME withstands everything

You need a RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME if you want a swimming pool that withstands everything.  RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME is the ideal solution for those who want to forget about having to continually maintain their swimming pool and just enjoy it. This liner has become...

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Safety at your swimming pool

Every summer, there are pool accidents that could have been avoided if some basic safety measures had been taken into account. Special attention should be paid to children and pets as they are the ones at most risk of having an accident. Pool safety is a key factor...

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RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS simulates ceramic pieces

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS is the first reinforced membrane with 3D relief simulating ceramic pieces RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS also is the new reinforced membrane to reline swimming pools that replicates the volumes of real vitreous pieces, with their joints,...

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No more pool water leaks with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN

Let's talk about one of the most common worries for all pool owners: LEAKS! RENOLIT ALKORPLAN guarantees complete impermeability of its reinforced membranes for 10 years, in writing. Did you know that, every year, many owners of pools built with finishing techniques...

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Types of Pool Decks

Types of Pool Decks One of the key factors when building a swimming pool is correctly choosing the inner lining for the basin and the surface for the pool deck. Special attention has to be paid to this latter area as it is frequently used as a space for sunbathing or...

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What shape shall I choose for my pool?

What shape shall I choose for my pool? The most usual shapes when building swimming pools One of the main concerns when deciding to build a swimming pool is determining what shape it will be and then choosing its colour. Wherever the pool is going to be situated, the...

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RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH, inspired by nature

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH, 3D pool liners inspired by nature RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH is the new 2mm reinforced membrane by ALKORPLAN. Thanks to its technical qualities and attractive designs, it has become the strongest, most durable and resistant lining on the market....

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RENOLIT ALKORPLAN in social networks

Since social networks exist, the pool world has in general been revolutionized. Any swimming pool owner can easily access to the network and learn about any topic regarding his swimming pool. The pool owner does not depend exclusively on swimming pool professionals,...

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Infrastructure of a swimming pool

What is the infrastructure of a pool? Not every day you decide to put a swimming pool in your garden. It seems easy. Dig a hole to size, shape the walls, line and fill with water. But there are different accessories and equipment we will have to choose for our future...

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