1. We take care of each tiny detail

Custom-made materials are not sufficient; businesses must adapt to the customer, down to the very last detail. For that reason, RENOLIT attaches great importance to training its installers.

Our reinforced membrane allows fast, easy installation. Pools with water curtains of 600 m2 can be installed in just over one week, which is a decisive factor in hotels with a constant annual occupancy.

2. Our company is geared to greater use intensity

Another argument that leads many architects to opt for the reinforced membrane is its resistance to corrosion and its anti-skid properties. This reasoning has become increasingly more important due to the fact that most hotels have animation departments that include water sports activity programmes. Water aerobics, water polo or aquatic inflatable sessions mean constant pressure and wear on the pool bottom and this increased use intensity has prompted us to offer sports equipment in which safety is the primordial factor.

3. Cleanliness and hygiene

The manufacturing and varnishing processes we use to make our materials prevent the formation of stains and the adherence of dirt. Our ARKORPLAN material has greater resistance in general to pool cleaning compared to other materials, while our range of plain, homogeneous colours gives a sensation of cleanliness and quality.

pool RENOLIT ALKORPLAN4. A single goal: to AVOID disturbing the client

We have learned to reduce the effects of the physical conditions of the terrain, which often result in unsightly cracks. Even if the pool bottom is damaged, the RENOLIT  membranes ensure the pool is sealed, thus reducing the need to execute reform work which may generate noise or annoying dust clouds.

5. A new scenario: Europe is building fewer elements, but of a much higher quality

RENOLIT  has not wasted any time. Current building activity levels suggest a considerable improvement in customer service, thereby allowing hotels to provide their guests with health and wellbeing. In summary, a new synergy has arisen that indicates favourable business prospects for everyone.