Main Pool in the Roman Baths in Bath, UK

Main Pool in the Roman Baths in Bath, UK

Already in the twelfth century, “pools” (from the Greek πισίνα) were serving as locations for socializing and as meeting epicenters.

Currently, hotels define the highlights for encounters; and if two thousand years ago pools were important to cities, today we can say that they are so for the tourism sector.

The hotelier field is giving way to a European economy without growth. Still, the upward trends regarding consumption in the sector make it not only a great market ally, but an apparent reference for RENOLIT.



first pool in the worldTo the right we see Vindoland , one of the first pools in the world in UK. To the left, one of the most modern pools constructed with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN.

Even with this, there is no need to go back too many centuries to find hotelier perspectives with a common denominator: the construction of swimming pools. In the early 70s, Europe experienced a catastrophe of “Regional Plans” in regulatory offices for sports and the professionalization of the management of sports events. (See the increase in participation in the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972, for example).

The collaboration between the public and private sector generated a synergy in improving service benefits to citizens. What were the repercussions of this situation in regards to hotels? The new macroeconomic environment not only increased the volume of business, but also the requirements thereof. At that time, a high percentage of customers did not know how to swim. However, the children of these guests of yesteryear would be the future users of hotel pools. And with this, and after being mentioned in famous songs and filmed in famous movies, users would be as faithful to the same as demanding with them.

Pools have always been a source of controversy. If in ancient Rome we wondered if their healing benefits were divine or earthly, thirty years ago we debated whether it was better to build them covered or uncovered. Currently, we continue progressing and giving way to the profitability of replacing tiles with waterproofing membrane.