Everything you need to know about the original blue pool geotextile!

Pool felt underlay, also known as pool geotextile is a technical term that we frequently use when talking about pool lining or pool refurbishment. But what is it exactly? What are the advantages of using a pool felt underlay in combination with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN onsite lining?

What are the advantages of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Pool Felt Underlay?

This pool felt underlay is a blue non-woven fabric which has undergone a fungicide treatment. This felt is installed directly on the walls and the bottom of the pool before the on-site lining takes place. It’s made of  400 g polypropylene fibres with fungicide treatment, which avoids the proliferation of fungi and algae. Apart from this, natural antibacteria addivites made of metal ions take care of an ongoing antibacterial effect.

True beauty is inside

Even though the pool felt underlay is only visible during the installation of the pool liner because this last one covers it completely, pools are equipped with this non-woven fabric. It’s important to install geotextile fabric when on-site lining is carried out.

In case of butt welding, installing pool felt underlay is unavoidable. Even if one of its main purposes is to avoid stain formation thanks to its fungicide treatment, using RENOLIT ALKORPLAN geotextile has also an aesthetic purpose. The result is a completely smooth surface because the felt underlay levels any small irregularities of the ground out.

Much more comfortable feel for bathers

Taking into account that we go swimming barefoot, we shouldn’t forget our feet. Why not to give your feet a treat? RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Geotextile makes the bathers steps more comfortable.

Keep the cold away

As soon as it gets warm we want our pool water temperature to be perfect, that’s to say: not too warm, not too cold. Thanks to the 400 g densitiy of the pool felt underlay, it functions as an insulating material and stores heat for a longer period of time, whereby up to 2 ºC more can be reached.

Does your pool need refurbishment? Would like to build a pool in your garden? Do not forget to ask for the unique antibacterial pool felt underlay: the only light blue one labelled with the trademark RENOLIT ALKORPLAN. It will upgrade your swimming pool in many aspects.

Do you know a RENOLIT ALKPORPLAN approved installer? If not, please contact us and we’ll help you find one in your area.