Swimming Pools with sand

Discover a new concept for your swimming experience: recreate the beach in a pool.

The swimming pool field is changing. So much so that market innovations have allowed us to move away from conventionalism and create new trends that have led to new pool concepts.

Swimming pools with sand are new pools that recreate beach scenes. By nature, they are totally free and customised spaces as there are endless shapes, depths, designs and decorations that can be applied to swimming pools with sand.

Their main characteristic is the need for a large area of land to locate the pool on as the idea is to recreate a nature space in the garden that causes great visual impact and looks like a beach scene.

The space can be customised to the utmost with decorative garden items, such as stones and a variety of plants that allow us to recreate rivers and waterfalls.

One element that is common to swimming pools with sand but totally different to conventional pools is the access, which is normally via a ramp.

The ideal finish for a swimming pool with sand is from the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH range, specifically two designs:

  • Relax – with a colour similar to fine, beach sand, it is ideal for exotic atmospheres that transport you to faraway, Caribbean beaches with crystal-clear, turquoise hues.
  • Sublime – although it emulates fine travertine marble, its light tones may also give the impression of a beach atmosphere. It is the perfect lining for trendy, modern pools.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH is the first reinforced membrane 3d to line swimming pools Inspired by nature

In addition to different elegant designs, TOUCH reinforced liners are distinguished by a thickness of 2mm, which makes it currently the most resistant liner on the market. But the factor that makes the TOUCH range a unique product is that each of the 6 colours incorporate a relief to simulate the different elements of nature that they represent.

In the case of the two colours we mentioned above, if we focus on touch and we feel the TOUCH Sublime liner, we will notice a rough, rocky surface that immediately reminds us of touching marble.  When we touch the TOUCH Relax liner, it will transport us to fine sand beaches due to the soft, pleasant feel on our skin.

The two models of reinforced liner are designs that combine to perfection to line sandy swimming pools and give a greenish hue to the water because of the reflection of sunlight, evoking beach scenery.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH is the first reinforced membrane 3d to line swimming pools Inspired by nature

Build a sandy swimming pool and it will be a totally functional and decorative unit all year round that is unique and perfect for the whole family —in addition to being a source of well-being— because of its size.

Which do you prefer – the pool or the beach?