Steel wall pools


When planning a new inground pool you will have to consider your options since there are several different types of swimming pool construction.


Steel wall pools are becoming a popular pool construction method because of its several advantages. These pools are halfway between concrete pools and prefabricated pools since the bottom is made of concrete and the walls of galvanised steel. Once the pieces have been assembled, the onsite lining with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN can take place.


Let’s have a look at the advantages of this panel-based pool building method!

  • Unlike prefabricated pools, there is free choice of shape and size since the panels can be adapted to every single project.
  • It has a more competitive price compared to concrete pools.
  • More installation accuracy than other construction techniques.
  • Less assembly time than other pool construction methods. The installation of a standard pool takes about 7 days including the excavation.
  • No crane is needed to lift the pool unlike fiberglass pools.
  • Because of their reduced weight, they are perfect for penthouses and flat roofs.

Many advantages indeed! Planning on building your own pool? Are you considering the pros and cons of a steel wall pool? Well, at least it’s worth to give it a thought. Meanwhile have a look at this video so that you can get the picture of how the it’s assembled.

We recommend you contacting a reliable pool builder who will help you with this important decision. If you’d like to know who could build you a pool lined with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN in your area, please use the contact form.