RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH, 3D pool liners inspired by nature

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH is the new 2mm reinforced membrane by ALKORPLAN. Thanks to its technical qualities and attractive designs, it has become the strongest, most durable and resistant lining on the market.

TOUCH complements the range of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN liners, which have become the most widely used lining for pools in the world.

The big difference between the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH reinforced liner and the other reinforced liners on the market is its thickness. The normal thickness of reinforced lining is 1.5 mm whereas RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH is the first 2mm reinforced liner, which gives it greater resistance and durability.

The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH liner revolutionises the market for pool lining, made up of two flexible sheets of PVC fused and totally waterproof, it doubly guarantees no water loss. But, in addition, these two sheets are reinforced on the inside with a mesh of highly resistant polyester, which acts like a spine and makes the reinforced liner a robust product with great mechanical resistance.

The special thickness of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH allows its designs to have relief and provides an exceptional and pleasant touch. The six models add personality to any pool and allow you to create unique, personal spaces in your garden.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH designs are inspired by nature and each of them is designed to line pools forming part of different atmospheres:

ideal for lining pools in natural, rustic surroundings with pebbles or lots of greenery. Country pools with the texture of clay or sandstone.

for spectacular, ostentatious pools whose uniqueness stimulates the vanity of their owners in the face of their neighbours.

with a colour similar to fine, beach sand, it is ideal for exotic atmospheres that transport you to faraway, Caribbean beaches with crystal-clear, turquoise hues.

emulates fine travertine marble and is the perfect lining for trendy, modern pools.

with elegant, dark veins like those in slate, it is the lining for cosmopolitan pools, turning the water a deep blue colour that is captivating from the very start

pools that evoke a paradise of volcanic rock, especially designed for minimalist, designer environments.


To install RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH reinforced membrane, you must first condition the pool following these steps:

  • Adapt the basin to check the condition of the pool equipment, repair cracks and clean impurities from the walls and bottom.
  • Disinfect the basin to make sure there are no remains of organic matter.
  • Attach the fixtures to the basin.
  • Place the geotextile on the wall and floor. Thanks to its fungicide treatment, it prevents the proliferation of fungi between the reinforced lining and the basin, in addition to helping conceal any possible irregularities in the basin.
  • Place and weld the reinforced liner using heat sealing, which must always be done by a professional authorised by RENOLIT ALKORPLAN.

As RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH is a 2mm liner, we recommend edge-to-edge welding to avoid the bump that would be caused by traditional overlapping, as the thickness is much more evident than with normal lining.

The aim of edge-to-edge welding is to achieve a better aesthetic finish as, if it is done correctly, the welding will be invisible and you may not even always need to use liquid PVC to seal it. That is why it is recommendable —although not compulsory— especially on the bottom as that is where welding is more visible.

To make the bottom completely flat when welding edge to edge, you should use the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN fungicide geotextile and the edge-to-edge welding strip.

–          RENOLIT ALKORPLAN fungicide geotextile

It is used as protective layer between the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN lining and the pool surface to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, fungus and microorganisms and conceal any irregular surfaces that the pool may have before the lining is applied. It also provides a much more pleasant sensation for the bather when walking over the lining. We recommend applying it under all types of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced lining.

–          Edge-to-edge welding strip

A base strip that is used under edge-to-edge welding. It should be used with geotextile on pool bottoms to compensate for the bump from the strip next to joints and to provide the bather with a more pleasant sensation when stepping on the bottom.

Once you have welded all of the pool liners, we recommend using RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH joint sealer – a specific liquid PVC for finishing welding, whether overlapping or edge-to-edge. Its colour, texture and composition mean it combines perfectly with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH liners and its improved formula makes it very resistant to the passage of time and decoration.

See how pools lined with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH reinforced liners look and line your pool with the best lining on the market.

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