RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS is the first reinforced membrane with 3D relief simulating ceramic pieces
RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS also is the new reinforced membrane to reline swimming pools that replicates the volumes of real vitreous pieces, with their joints, achieving the look of a mosaic inspired by Greek mythology.
Like all the reinforced membranes in the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN range, it is 100% watertight and backed up with a written 10-year water-tightness Guarantee.
CERAMICS is 2mm thick with a textured relief design with an incredible 3D effect, capable of simulating the look and feel of the famous square ceramic pieces so popular in swimming pools. In addition to its excellent design, suitable both for new build swimming pools and refurbishments, its technical qualities allow the reinforced membrane to be elastic and flexible so that it can adapt to any shapes and corners of any swimming pool.

It comes in three models inspired by the Goddesses of Greek mythology:
Silver-winged Goddess of the moon. She captured the hearts of the classical poets and now dazzles in the swimming pools she graces. Selene, with a white lunar finish she will captivate all who contemplate her clear celestial waters, like the colour of the sky on a summer’s day.

A nymph who gave her name to the volcano that forged the lightning of Zeus, God of Gods. This lining is sober and elegant, making swimming pools elegant and regal, suitable for a God.

Goddess of reason and protector of Athens, a city bathed by the Mediterranean and the inspiration of this membrane; an intense blue, so warm, so deep and so ours. Athena gives the waters it contains an unmatchable shine and hue.

The special thickness of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS membranes directly gives them the level “C” slipperiness certificate, so when installing them is not necessary to use anti-slip reinforced membrane in bathers’ walking areas.
With RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS the days of losing ceramic pieces and having to reset them are over, as well as guaranteeing the complete water-tightness of the membrane since the pieces do not fall off.
RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS simulates the tiles of the classical Greek aesthetic, making the most of all the advantages that the reinforced membrane offers, the lining with the most advantages on the market:

  • Guaranteed water-tightness. The reinforced membrane provides absolute water-tightness and comes in a wide range of colours, designs and textures to meet all tastes.
  • Its installation is quick, requiring half the time of other materials, and can be done on any kind of structural material.
  • Swimming pools lined with reinforced membrane require minimal maintenance, since their upper face is covered with an exclusive protective lacquer with the principal aim is prolonging the life of the lining as well as repelling dirt, avoiding stains and protecting from UV rays.
  • Its installation is easy using hot air soldering (thermo-fusion) and a roller.
    In membranes that are thicker than usual, such as RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS or RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH, using butt-welding with geotextile is recommended to avoid ugly ridges that can occur with overlap soldering. For this, using a tin roller in the trickier corners of the pool is recommended to ensure an impeccable finish.

CERAMICS supplements the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN range, which has become the ideal lining to for pools all around the world.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is a reinforced membrane and watertight, decorative lining manufacturer for swimming pools.

The reinforced membrane is made up of two flexible laminas of polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P), which brings total water-tightness and durability to the pool. These two PVC laminas are fused on a polyester mesh between them, giving them their great resistance and durability. All this without losing the necessary elasticity and flexibility for the membrane to adapt to any shape or corner of the swimming pool.
The benefits of using the membrane are: total water-tightness guarantee, easy installation, varied prints and finishes in line with market tendencies.
The principal characteristic of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membranes is that they are coated on their upper face with an exclusive protective lacquer with the principal function of prolonging the life of the membrane, protecting it from bacteria and fungus, UV rays, dirt and stains, rubs and scratches.

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