TOP 10 reasons for having a swimming pool at home

Summer is just round the corner and like every year you are still considering building a pool in your garden. Here we give you 10 reasons for finally making up your mind to have a pool at home.

  1. Relax
    Your garden and more specifically your swimming pool must be a place to wind down. Relaxing in your swimming pool will help you unwind after a hard day. Can you imagine a summer without going on holiday? Well, every time you seek refuge in your swimming pool it’s like a mini-holiday. Although it’s not exactly the same, it is a good way to relax and take stock.

  1. Improves social and family life
    Let’s not kid ourselves, one of the main reasons for having a private pool is to enjoy it with family and friends. If you build a pool in your garden it will become a gathering place in which to spend long sunny days and wind down.
  2. Take exercise
    Say no to sedentary leisure with a swimming pool. In it we can not only do sport but also a variety of aquatic games. Swim, do aquagym, volleyball or put a trampoline in your pool. As well as encouraging a healthy life it will be your greatest ally in fighting the heat.
  3. Enjoy your privacy.
    Spending time in a public pool and in a private one are two different things. Take refuge in your garden and forget about the elbowing, the screeching and getting splashed by everybody else. Your pool will be for you and your family and friends only.

  4. 24/365
    It’s your house and you dictate the timetable. Enjoy your pool when you come back from work, when you have just got up in the morning or during the night. There are endless options for covering your pool in winter and being able to use it all year round.
  5. Ideal for children
    No doubt about it, having a pool at home will be the number one delight for your kids. Always accompanied by an adult, they will have a great time.
  6. Enjoy the weather
    We live in a very hot environment, we have very long summers, with good weather, and many hours of sun, so having a swimming pool at home will mean you can freshen up to fight the heat and enjoy the summer to the full.
  7. Add value to your house
    Get the most out of your garden by putting in a swimming pool. Your house will increase its value. A garden isn’t complete without a swimming pool. Any home conversion or investment improves your quality of life, comfort and obviously also increases its value. Also, with RENOLIT ALKORLPAN’s reinforced membrane designs your pool will be the envy of your neighbours.

  8. Be happy
    You still haven’t made up your mind to put in a swimming pool at home? You have now seen the many benefits a swimming pool will bring and remember, when you are enjoying your swimming pool you can smile and say, actually money IS the key to happiness.
  9. Because you have been wanting one for a long time

Now is the time to take the plunge and make your dream come true.