Porsche Design Tower by Myrtha Pools and RENOLIT ALKORPLAN

Today we have the pleasure to present an incredible project, we can really say that it is something unique.

This is the design of the Porsche Design Tower, an apartment complex located in Miami, Florida

The pictures speak for themselves, a 60-storey tower that sits on the beautiful horizon of the bay, each apartment has its own parking lot in which to park the luxurious cars.

A very precise construction and three years of hard work have led to this spectacular result that houses wonderful apartments (the cost ranges from 4 to 32 million dollars) with lifts that can take the car directly in the apartment and vice versa.

You could not miss a small service workshop for the beloved Porsche, while all the apartments include an extraordinary show thanks to the stained glass windows and also has a private pool to the common center.

All pools have been made by A & T Group with the new Myrtha system using the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced membranes, specially RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME range.

We are very proud of this international collaboration and we commend our A & T partner and all the lucky buyers of these wonderful apartments.