What is the infrastructure of a pool?

Not every day you decide to put a swimming pool in your garden. It seems easy. Dig a hole to size, shape the walls, line and fill with water. But there are different accessories and equipment we will have to choose for our future dream pool.

Some are vital for a swimming pool, the water pump and the filter, for example, which will help keep the water in good condition, but there are also different variables we can choose from for our pool’s infrastructure. What color of reinforced membrane do I choose to line the walls? Do I want a temperature regulator for the water? Is it worth my while installing the latest technology and being able to manage the water pH and temperature via Smartphone?

Depending on our investment, current technology gives us a choice between a variety of equipment that will make our swims much more pleasant.

One of the most important pieces of equipment is the water filter, which will filter the particles and dirt that may have accumulated on the water’s surface. However, just because the water looks clean doesn’t mean it is suitable for swimming.

We also have to get the water’s pH right. There are devices that automatically control the water’s pH. This is a basic factor in keeping the pool water in a good condition, avoiding discomfort for those using the pool, corrosion and algae in the water.

swimming pool RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000 Light blue

swimming pool RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000 Adriatic Blue

As optional piece of equipment we can install an electric heater or a heat pump to keep the temperature at a pleasant temperature for bathing.

Our Smartphone offers us a wealth of possibilities: to be connected to the world, with access to endless information and be able to regulate the water’s pH and temperature. There are several companies that provide these water maintenance services.

swimming pool RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000 Adriatic Blue

swimming pool RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000 Adriatic Blue

Last but not least, we have to choose the color of our pool. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN‘s reinforced membranes offer a wide range of colors. Crystal-clear, bright, fresh water, warm colors like on far-away exotic and tropical beaches, intense blues of the Mediterranean sea in swimming pools full of color… in short, thanks to the wide variety of colors RENOLIT ALKORPLAN has, you can create a unique feature in your garden.