Seismic movements or earthquakes are ones of the most important enemies of your pool.

An earthquake or seism is nothing more than a sudden or brusque tremor of the earth which can occur for many different reasons.  Depending on its intensity or origin, an earthquake may cause considerable shifts in the earth’s crust, landslides, tidal waves or even volcanic activity.

Although tectonic and volcanic activities are the main causes of earthquakes, they may be caused by other factors such as an accumulation of sediments due to the detachment of rocks on mountainsides, the sinking of caverns in the event of changes occurring in the fluvial system of an area, or simply due to sudden changes in atmospheric pressure.

Swimming Pool Made with Gresite

Swimming Pool Made with Gresite

Such phenomena generate minor events which usually fall within the category of microseisms, i.e., tremors which can only be detected by seismographs. Hundreds of events of this type are generated every day, without us realising it.

In most cases, the earthquakes or seismic movements may eventually cause damage or cracks to the pool vessel. Every year, millions of earthquakes occur in Europe, and even though they are not noticeable and nothing is said about them, their consequences are more evident than in our homes.

We’ll start this post by announcing two pieces of news, one good and the other, bad. Which one should I start with?

The bad news: all this means that in less time that you could imagine, your pool will develop cracks and all the water will run out, and it will be practically impossible to repair.

The good news: we have the solution to prevent this from happening. The reinforced membrane or reinforced RENOLIT ALKORPLAN liner is the only known covering system that can prevent the pool from losing water.


The reinforced membrane is a resistant covering for pool structures that is able to act like a watertight bag or container and actually supports the water. The vessel structure only acts as a support but is not responsible for maintaining the water in the vessel.  For this reason, even though the vessel structure is cracked, absolutely nothing will happen, as the reinforced membrane will continue to maintain all the water inside, without losing a drop.

The photo shows a cracked pool.  What a disaster!


If you want to build or renovate your pool, you should know what this word means.  Water tightness is a property that prevents the loss of water in your pool (whether or not an earthquake occurs).  RENOLIT ALKORPLAN guarantees the water tightness of your poll’s membrane for 10 years, no matter what the cause of the cracks is.


The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membrane withstands seismic movements, the effects of time and weather conditions like no other material. Other solutions, such as glass coatings, or pools made of painted concrete cannot guarantee you a pool that will last “for years”. On the contrary, we offer you a written guarantee of the water tightness of the membrane for 10 years.


Yes, of course. RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is ideal for new pools and also for renovating pools.  Its flexibility allows it to adapt to any vessel shape or design, regardless of the material used to make the vessel. All you have to do is make your selection from our wide range of colours, designs and textures and we’ll take care of the rest.