RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME withstands everything

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME withstands everything

You need a RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME if you want a swimming pool that withstands everything. 

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME is the ideal solution for those who want to forget about having to continually maintain their swimming pool and just enjoy it.
This liner has become the only reinforced membrane on the market whose colour is chlorine and stain-resistant, even at the waterline.

The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME protective shield prevents the membrane from becoming discoloured, repels dirt and does not allow bacteria to cause irreparable staining. That is why it has a triple guarantee: 5-year colour guarantee, 5-year stain-proofing guarantee and 15 years watertightness of the membrane.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME withstands everything.

As well as guaranteeing 15 years’ watertightness, the XTREME membranes come coated with a special lacquer that protect them from rubbing, bacteria, dirt, metal ions, chemicals and ultraviolet rays, keeping the colour pristine and stain-free.
The groundbreaking technology used in the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME membranes doesn’t just protect from the outside, but also protects the underside of the membrane against bacteria that can cause cracks or permanent stains in your swimming pool.
It isn’t just the right product to surpass the market’s most demanding technical requirements, it also has a line of intense, lasting colours that make sure your swimming pool stays looking stylish and doesn’t go out of fashion: Sahara, Blue Fresh, Azure, Silver, Volcano and Onyx.

Now that you have seen the models of the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME range you know it is the ideal option for building your new pool or for renovating it and that one of the benefits of using reinforced membrane as a liner for the pool shell is that it adapts to any surface and material.