How to light your swimming pool

How to light your swimming pool

Tips for lighting your pool

When the sun is high in the sky, it is very pleasant to have a refreshing dip to escape the heat. But there will also be the occasional night when the heat gets the better of us and we also feel like relaxing in the cool water of our pool. To create the perfect night-time atmosphere, it is important to have good pool lighting to add a new dimension to our home and help us enjoy our nocturnal swim.

There are several types of lighting for the perfect pool atmosphere on the market: solar lamps, fibre optic lighting, LED lights, floating lights, halogens, incandescent lights… although the current trend and most efficient option is LED lighting.

The electrical system used most frequently at the moment is fibre optic, which has the advantage of there not being any heat or electricity in the wiring and so entails no maintenance. It comes in different colours and is usually situated around the perimeter of the pool to generate a very simple yet elegant effect.

LED lighting is the most frequently used. In addition to being very efficient, hardwearing and energetically efficient, it provides atmosphere with colours that can be adapted at any time using a remote control, which means you can customise your pool even more with the colours you want.

Where can we put our pool lights?
There are several places and endless combinations for fitting lights in the pool depending on the shape and length of the same. We will generally position the main lighting at the sides, about 30/40 centimetres below the edge of the pool, focussed so that they do not shine light on the house or the more frequently used areas. The recommendation is to install one lamp for every 20 m2 of water surface.

How to reduce your pool’s electricity usage?
Whether we are building a new pool or are replacing existing bulbs, we should take energy efficiency into account to reduce our pool’s electricity usage. The technologies that currently require the least maintenance, give thousands of hours of light and are low-energy are fibre optic and LED lighting.

Safety and pool lighting
Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when installing or replacing our pool lighting. Make sure that all of the underwater lights that you are going to fit in your pool comply with Spanish standard UNE-EN 60598. This standard requires them to be made of materials that are resistant to high temperatures and are totally watertight to prevent water getting in.

Lighting: a good safety measure

Pool lighting is both aesthetic/decorative and functional as it is an excellent safety measure.
Lights in or around the water may prevent unpleasant falls into the water in addition to lighting up the garden area during the night, allowing us to see any possible intruders.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME withstands everything

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME withstands everything

You need a RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME if you want a swimming pool that withstands everything. 

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME is the ideal solution for those who want to forget about having to continually maintain their swimming pool and just enjoy it.
This liner has become the only reinforced membrane on the market whose colour is chlorine and stain-resistant, even at the waterline.

The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME protective shield prevents the membrane from becoming discoloured, repels dirt and does not allow bacteria to cause irreparable staining. That is why it has a triple guarantee: 5-year colour guarantee, 5-year stain-proofing guarantee and 15 years watertightness of the membrane.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME withstands everything.

As well as guaranteeing 15 years’ watertightness, the XTREME membranes come coated with a special lacquer that protect them from rubbing, bacteria, dirt, metal ions, chemicals and ultraviolet rays, keeping the colour pristine and stain-free.
The groundbreaking technology used in the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME membranes doesn’t just protect from the outside, but also protects the underside of the membrane against bacteria that can cause cracks or permanent stains in your swimming pool.
It isn’t just the right product to surpass the market’s most demanding technical requirements, it also has a line of intense, lasting colours that make sure your swimming pool stays looking stylish and doesn’t go out of fashion: Sahara, Blue Fresh, Azure, Silver, Volcano and Onyx.

Now that you have seen the models of the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME range you know it is the ideal option for building your new pool or for renovating it and that one of the benefits of using reinforced membrane as a liner for the pool shell is that it adapts to any surface and material.

The different ranges RENOLIT ALKORPLAN provides

The different ranges RENOLIT ALKORPLAN provides

¿Do you know the different ranges of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN?

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is the leading pool reinforced membrane manufacturer worldwide. With its wide range of products and colours, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN provides solutions for any type of swimming pool, irrespective of its use, shape or the condition it is in.

But what reinforced membrane should I line my pool with? What factors do I have to take into account when selecting a RENOLIT ALKORPLAN membrane?

First of all, you should know that all our ranges (RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN3000, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME and our newest product: RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS) are composed of a dual layer of impermeable PVC with an intermediate polyester mesh that makes the product flexible and unbreakable.

At first glance, we might think that all the colours RENOLIT ALKORPLAN offers for enhancing our pool’s appearance are SIMILAR, but there are some significant differences between some models and others depending on the range:


The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000 range comes in 7 attractive different colours: White, Sand, Light Blue, Adriatic Blue, Caribbean Green, Light Grey and Dark Grey. This range offers high-quality membranes that withstand ageing and weather coated with a varnish that makes them highly stable against U.V. rays.


The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN3000 range is RENOLIT’s top range. It offers the same quality guarantees as RENOLIT ALKORPLAN2000 but with endless modern designs and textures that make your swimming pool your garden’s focus of attention: Blue Greek, Persia Blue, Persia Sand, Persia Black, Mosaic, Carrara, Marble, Byzantium Blue and Platinum.

This wide variety of print combinations means you can find the ideal colour for your pool to fit into your house’s surroundings, turning it into the perfect complement to your garden.


TOUCH is RENOLIT ALKORPLAN‘s new reinforced membrane with a thickness of 2mm. This makes it the strongest and most durable on the market. The other big difference from what is currently on the market is its great appeal. TOUCH is the first reinforced lining with 3D relief that emulates natural features like natural rock, slate, granite or sand, and also gives a very pleasant touch sensation which unleashes your senses.

The RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH harmoniously combines the pool’s aesthetics also providing total watertightness of the membrane. The TOUCH models are: Authentic, Relax, Elegance, Vanity, Sublime and Prestige.


RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME is the newest and most groundbreaking product we have. It withstands aggressions caused by excess disinfectant, designed to withstand the negative effects of traces of metal ions in the water, colours as intense as on the first day, which are not affected by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, lacquer that protects both the surface and the underside for total protection… The name says it all, the new RENOLIT ALKORPLAN XTREME membranes are designed to withstand extreme conditions, giving you peace of mind knowing that the pool will withstand anything that might damage or discolour the reinforced membrane.


RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS is a reinforced membrane with the relief and appearance of ceramic mosaic inspired by Greek mythology. Necessarily thicker than a traditional membrane in order to achieve the relief, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS is one of the most resistant, impermeable and lasting linings on the market.
The three models take their names from ancient Greek deities: Atenea, Selene and Etna.

RENOLIT ALKORPLAN‘s five ranges have a written impermeability guarantee, making it the best reinforced membrane on the market.The main feature of the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN ranges is that they are coated with a lacquer that protects them from the sun’s rays, bacterial build-up and against scratches and grazing.
Are you still in doubt about which RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced membrane to choose? Contact us and we will be delighted to help you choose the membrane that best meets your needs.

New RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced pool liner catalogue

New RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced pool liner catalogue

The New RENOLIT ALKORPLAN reinforced pool liner catalogue is available!!

The new reinforced pool liner RENOLIT ALKORPLAN catalogue 2018 is here!

It gives you full details of all the benefits of the reinforced pool liner. Find out why it is the perfect solution for lining all types of pools.

                                                                                                                  Click here to download it…

Dive into its pages and discover why pools prefer us… RENOLIT ALKORPLAN is the only pool liner with a written wáter-tightness warranty.
With RENOLIT ALKORPLAN you can rest assured and enjoy your pool without having to worry about leakages. Do you want to know more?

What’s more, this year we present a new range, the RENOLIT ALKORPLAN CERAMICS  is here to stay and is the star of the show…. Its attractive print adorns dreamy pools with luxurious pools with crystal clear water.. and its deep blue colour makes it the best option for building the pool of your dreams….

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